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  • What is employee training?

    Training your employees is a prerequisite for a creative, happy, and productive workforce. Unfortunately, employees and management often dismiss employee training as boring or unneeded. But, it is the backbone of your organization. Let us explain why!

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  • The importance of employee training and development

    It’s expensive, too complicated, it takes too many resources, and it’s very time-consuming. If you ask organizations why they don’t invest in employee training, this is the typical answer you’ll get. Wrong! Organizations underestimate the importance and impact of employee training on their employees' knowledge, skill, and business level.

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  • Advantages and disadvantages of employee training

    As a trainer, you understand that employee training has more advantages than disadvantages. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of advantages you can use to persuade your potential clients. We've also addressed the disadvantages, allowing you to anticipate and counter any concerns. Explore our list and see how the advantages of employee training outweigh the disadvantages.

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  • How to identify the training needs of your employees?

    Employees can be like children. Parents with more than one child can tell you that each child is different. What works with one child doesn’t necessarily work with another. It’s a similar situation with employees. The same rules don’t apply to everybody. So how can you identify the training needs of your employees? The best option is to conduct interviews, tests, and surveys to find out more about each employee’s personality, work style, and knowledge gaps.

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  • Online employee training platform: how to choose

    You have finally decided to improve your employee training with the help of an employee training platform. But how do you get started? There are so many options available! Not only of different software but also ready-made programs! What should you pick? Wait, what do you even want? Let’s take a look at some options.

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  • Advantages of employee onboarding

    Congratulations! After a lengthy hiring process, it is time to welcome a new colleague to the team 😄. But the hard work is far from over because the onboarding process has just begun!  An effective employee onboarding program ensures the short and long-term success of the new hire and your company. Just how vital is onboarding 🤨? Let’s take a closer look at its benefits!

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  • Hiring an employee checklist

    Finding the right people is challenging, because it can make or break your company. Besides worrying about legal stuff and documentation, what else should you look for when hiring for a position in your company? To quote Steve Jobs, “It doesn't make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do. We hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.”

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  • What is induction training

    What is the definition of induction training? Induction training is a term professionals in the Human Resources field use for employee training. It is a form of introduction that allows employees and new hires “learn the ropes” of their new job or position and get started easily.

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  • How to train remote employees

    Remote working is growing in popularity, primarily due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, training and managing remote employees poses different challenges than in a traditional office setting. Here are our best practices on how to train your remote employees.

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  • The cost of training employees

    The best employees are made, not found. You need to invest in their personal and professional development through continued training. But training your employees comes with a price tag. Let’s explore the cost of training your employees.

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  • How to track the progress of your employees in training

    As an employer, one of your biggest concerns is keeping your employees educated. So, after setting up a  complete training program for your employees, you would think you accomplished your goal. But employee progress, on an individual level, can be quite hard to measure. Employees also want to know how much progress they have made since joining the company. Is it possible to transform “progress” into something tangible that can be measured?

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  • Create online training programs for employees

    Creating online training programs for employees can be daunting, especially if you have to make the courses from scratch. But not if you follow our six-step plan! You will see that creating online training programs can be rewarding too!

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  • How to onboard new employees

    Excellent employee onboarding gives new hires a warm welcome and the knowledge they need to become productive! Employees who receive proper training will feel more motivated and capable than employees who have to learn on the job. Follow our guide on how to onboard new employees, and their early days are sure to be a success!

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  • What is compliance training?

    Having to take compliance (mandatory) training sounds really boring, and often it is. But it doesn't have to be. Done the right way, compliance training can create a better workplace, prevent accidents, and increase responsibility and accountability within your company. Learn what compliance training is, and how you can utilize it in your organization.

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  • Employee training methods

    There are many ways to do the same things in life, and with employee training, it's no different! If you want to implement employee training in your organization, you may be confused with all the available options. Picking the right training method can be the key to helping your company grow. In this article, we will look at 12 different employee training methods and techniques, their advantages and disadvantages, and how you can decide which ones are best for your organization.

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