How to provide your customer with secure access to their employees' results

Our LMS resolves many challenges for consultants. A common problem they face is how to provide secure access to their customers' results. Read more about how our LMS takes this hassle away.

Common challenge

How can I provide my customer with secure access to their employees' results?

Our solution

You can establish a dedicated academy for each customer, providing a personalized learning environment where your customers' employees can access all relevant training material independently. The customer’s data is exclusively contained within their specific Academy.

Now, who has access to this particular Academy? You can configure this through our management system, assigning various roles:

  • Global admin: This is essentially the superuser with comprehensive privileges, capable of editing, creating, and analyzing all aspects and users. However, this role is not intended for your customer. It is the role that belongs to you!
  • Academy admin: The Academy admin has access to all Academies or specifically designated ones, with the ability to manage Academy settings and allocate existing learning content within their academies. They cannot create or edit content. This role might be suitable for your customer. It is also helpful to delegate tasks to your staff.
  • Academy group admin: This role offers even more granularity. Within the Academy, you can create distinct groups that align with your customers's departments. You can grant your customer access to all groups or just those that pique their interest. While someone in this role cannot create or modify content, it allows for participant management within the groups and viewing results. Thus, this role could also be a viable choice for your customer!

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