How to train employees in multiple locations with Easy LMS

Our LMS resolves many challenges for medium-sized businesses providing their own employee training. A common problem faced by trainers is when a company has multiple locations that need to be trained. Read more about how our LMS takes this hassle away.

Common challenge

My company has multiple locations that need to be trained. How can we manage that with Easy LMS?

Our solution

You need our Academy for streamlined employee training! The main benefit of working in our Academy is that all content is stored centrally but is accessible from different locations. You can create groups and share specific material per group. It’s perfect for bringing your scattered employees together under one (virtual) roof!

Admins are like kings and queens of the online world :wink:. They have specific powers assigned to control different parts of the tool, which is ideal for working with multiple locations.

We offer three different admin types with Easy LMS:

  • Global admins can access the dashboard. They are the only admin type that can create and edit learning content.
  • Academy admins cannot create or edit content but can manage participants, see group results, and alter styling.
  • Academy group admins can access all Academy groups and manage only those groups to which they are assigned. They can’t create or edit content, or maintain the Academy settings. 

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