LMS for franchise training

Use an LMS for franchise training to coordinate, organize, and set up training that empowers your floor employees to excel in their daily work. Now, you can keep training consistent across all franchise units, which impacts your brand quality positively. Take advantage of the power of Easy LMS and achieve more than you thought possible.

LMS for franchise training

Use an LMS to make your life easy

It is a no-brainer that an LMS has more benefits than disadvantages. Let’s convince you with our top 5 advantages!

Clock iconIt is a massive time-saver for your organizations and employees.

Money iconThink of the money you’ll save on travel, venue, printing, and instructor costs by putting your training program partially online.

Computer iconIt makes uploading, managing, updating, and distributing your training material a breeze.

Envelope iconIt eliminates the hassle of day-to-day administration by automating tasks like sending invites and certifications.

Graph iconYou can analyze employees’ progress and performance at a glance or dive deeper and get all the necessary insights.

In need of more evidence? Read our overview article about the advantages of a learning management system.

Effortless franchise training with Easy LMS

Standardize the way franchise employees work by offering them uniform training with Easy LMS. Our fully-fledged platform, packed with powerful features, allows you to build and distribute consistent e-learning programs for all your franchisees worldwide! Empower them to start on their path to success. Keep calm and discover our highlights✨:

Intuitive Courses

You have many opportunities to customize your training material

Use our Course feature to create courses that resemble PowerPoints, but with even more options. You have many opportunities to customize your training material to your company style, ensuring brand integrity. Edits can also be made available to everyone in the blink of an eye!

Test how a franchised unit fares

Consistency and quality are the most important aspect of customer success. You can test this with our Exam feature! Combine an Exam with your onboarding program or regular training to see if everyone knows your standards and procedures. Experiment with the answer types and formatting until it sparkles✨!

Keep it organized with multiple academies

The Academy is a central hub for your franchise units' employees to access all necessary training material customized to match your company’s style, including logos, fonts, colors, and URL.

A huge plus is the ability to create as many academies as needed. Set up an academy for each franchise unit and provide access to specific training material. Do you want to use the same material for every franchise instead? Simply copy the content and tweak it where needed. Additionally, since each franchise unit operates within its own environment, data remains separate, simplifying the analysis process.

Do you have locations worldwide? You can also set a language for each academy, ensuring the learning environment is fully tailored to the employees’s locale.

Divide and conquer

Standardization is, of course, key for you! Our LMS helps ensure all your units are on the same page about your organization's rules, procedures, and products. You will be responsible for the e-learning onboarding, while you can give the location manager the power to manage their employees’ training access.

One tool with multiple languages

The learning environment can be localized

Translate your training program into multiple languages to accommodate your franchise units from all over the world. The learning environment can be localized entirely by changing labels and e-mails in the language of your preference; the complete learning experience will be in the employees' native language and transcend geographical boundaries!

Flat fee with no catch

Our LMS is priced fairly without compromising on its quality. You don’t pay per participant, so you can grow your business without paying more. Our participant-session-based pricing model allows you to cope with peak loads, like launching a new location and onboarding new personnel, without hefty price tags. You could have one participant take 25,000 Exams, or 25,000 participants take one Exam. It means the same to us 😎.

What do our clients say?

Yohann Bensadoun“What is great about Easy LMS is that the training material can be created and edited by the local teams, who understand how the platform works, so we don’t actually have a bottleneck in HQ to create all the training."

Yohann Bensadoun, Supply Growth Manager at Glovo, Spain

Read how Easy LMS gave this client the tools to bring their business to great heights.

What do the experts say?

Discover which common challenges we resolve

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