How to proceed with continuous education after onboarding with Easy LMS

Easy LMS resolves many challenges for medium-sized businesses that give onboarding training. A common problem faced by trainers is how to proceed with continuous education after onboarding. Read more about how our LMS takes this hassle away.

Common challenge

How can we proceed with continuous education after onboarding with Easy LMS?

Our solution

Our Academy will help you continue learning with us! It brings benefits to you as an admin and to your participants.

Benefits for admins

As an admin, you can use it as a centralized learning space by building unlimited Courses and Exams to cover all your training material. Create groups and instantly share your training material by inviting employees over email. It really is that easy.

Add learning paths to your Courses and ensure your employees take the learning content in the order you have set. This prevents skipping over important material.

Keeping up to date with everyone’s progress is effortless with our LMS. You can separate, view, and analyze your employees’ results by group.

Benefits for participants

Your participants will love the Academy too. They can access all their assigned training material in one convenient location and check their progress in individual Courses. Let participants take control of their learning with the ability to view results and download certificates independently.

We solve your training challenges. Start a free trial.

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