How to create an official certificate for our resellers with Easy LMS

Our LMS resolves many challenges for medium-sized businesses that provide partner training. A common problem faced by trainers is granting an official certificate. Read more about how our LMS takes this hassle away.

Common challenge

We want to create an official certificate for resellers of our product. What options does your tool have?

Our solution

Offer certified partner training with our LMS! Automatically send a certificate to resellers of your product once they’ve completed their Exam. They can download it right away!

You have two layout options for the certificate:

  • A standard layout where information such as name, title, and date will automatically appear on the certificate. You can choose from 30 standard options and combine them with your own background.
  • A custom layout where you decide not only the styling but also the information on the certificate. For example, you can add an expiration date and a unique certificate number. Moreover, you have control over the location of the information on the certificate.

This last option is ideal if you want to certify your resellers officially.

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