LMS for training providers

As a training provider, you want to dedicate your valuable time to what you love: making excellent training programs for others! Take advantage of the power of Easy LMS; it’s effortless to coordinate, organize and set up the training that empowers your clients' employees to improve their professional skills.

Use an LMS to make your life easy

It is a no-brainer that an LMS has more benefits than disadvantages. Let’s convince you with our top 5 advantages!

Clock iconIt is a massive time-saver for your business, clients, and their employees.

Money iconThink of the money you’ll save on travel, venue, printing, and instructor costs by putting your training program partially online.

Computer iconIt makes uploading, managing, updating, and distributing your training material a breeze.

Envelope iconIt eliminates the hassle of day-to-day administration by automating tasks like sending invites and certifications.

Graph iconYou can analyze employees’ progress and performance at a glance or dive deeper and get all the necessary insights.

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Provide effortless employee training with Easy LMS

Easy LMS is designed to make your life as a training provider easy. It is a fully-fledged platform packed with powerful features that give you the freedom to create, manage and represent data exactly the way you want at an affordable price. Keep calm and discover our highlights✨:

Intuitive Course feature

Your Course is ready in just a few clicks

Use our Course feature to create courses that resemble PowerPoints, but with even more options. You have many opportunities to brand your training material to your client’s style, which increases the sense of recognition and security. Do you want to reuse content from one company for another? Just duplicate and tweak it!

Build your Exam effortlessly

Our LMS comes with extensive Exam options. It is like picking a topping for your cake; you can’t make a bad decision. Think of different question types, grading, and embedding options: does it need to be a stand-alone Exam or embedded in or at the end of a Course? It is all possible!

You can create an Exam based entirely on questions you created previously, saving you valuable time! Or even better: let us generate a unique Exam with randomized questions for each of your learners.

Flat fee with no catch

You don't pay per participant

Our LMS is priced fairly without compromising on its quality. You don’t pay per participant, so you can easily scale up your client base without paying more. In practice, our participant-session-based pricing enables you to add new participants without deactivating existing ones to open up another seat for other businesses. You could have one participant take 25,000 Exams, or 25,000 participants take one Exam. It means the same to us 😎.

Stay organized, use multiple academies

Make a dedicated and branded Academy for your customers. An Academy is a central hub for your customer’s employees to access all the necessary training material. You control their learning path while they have full control of their progress and approach. It is also possible to add multiple academies, one for each of your customers, making reusing learning content easy. Each Academy can be fully customized to fit your customer’s branding. Want to give your customer instant access to their participants' results? Our state-of-the-art admin management system lets you do just that!

Our LMS provides an effective learning experience

Clear participant interface

Our LMS provides an effective learning experience by cutting out unnecessary whistles and bells. It encourages complete focus on the training material resulting in better learning outcomes. Everything is straightforward, so you don’t need to instruct your client’s employees on how the system works. And the purpose is only to test their knowledge- not how well they can figure out the tool!

Simple reports and easy B2B discussion

Most clients will judge you on the quality of the training material and/or the learning outcomes. Our LMS provides you with all the deliverables needed to prove the training was worth the investment. It is best to start each training with an Exam at the beginning, as a benchmark, and end with one too. This makes following growth easier. The Exam reports also give insight into the gaps in your content because you can analyze the results per exam question or category. A low score is a strong indicator that the current information isn’t sufficient and needs revisiting or expanding.

Research our features, and discover our pros!

What do our clients say?

“Every year when we come up for renewal, I always do a little searching around just to see if there's anything else more appealing, and every year I circle back, and it's like, what a waste of time, just stay where I am! I would recommend Easy LMS in a heartbeat.”

Carl Pritchard, Owner of Pritchard Management, USA

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What do the experts say?

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Icon check mark We want to give our client access to their learners’ results.

Checkmark iconWe want to offer the same training package to multiple clients while keeping their results separate.

Check mark iconWe need to demonstrate that my client’s investment in the training is paying off.

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