HALMEX's Exam Automation: Streamlining Employee Exams with Easy LMS

“It's a very easy platform to use. It allows us to evaluate our staff in a better way and optimize the duration and quality of our exams and evaluations. It saves us so much time, and the employees are so happy that they can finally see their progress.”

María de los Angeles Fuentes, Information Technology Supervisor at HAL Aluminum México (HALMEX)

General information

Type of subscription Business Owl Yearly
Company size 1,200 - 1,800
Website  www.halmex.com.mx/
Key features Exams


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Full testimonial

HAL Aluminum México is a company dedicated to the casting and injection of aluminum to manufacture parts used in the automotive industry. With Japanese roots, this company perfects and innovates day by day to deliver a product of the highest standard for their customers. They can only achieve this with well-trained staff. That's where Easy LMS came to the rescue.

Outdated paper tests called for a more efficient solution

Our employees wanted to have insights into their performance

"We used paper tests for all our exams. As you can imagine, this resulted in multiple problems from an administrative, management, and employee perspective. There was an issue with data loss, for example. If we noticed that an exam from an employee was missing, the employee had to retake the exam, and we had to recalculate his results by hand all over again, which was very time-consuming", María explained.

Also, the management team didn't have clear insights into their employees' performance because they lacked efficient reporting opportunities. "Our employees wanted to have insights into their performance and growth too."

Easy LMS helped to solve these problems and took HALMEX's employee training to the next level. María said: "I can practically see in real-time how many people have been answering, and the behavior of the evaluations. Based on the reports we get, we can define what the gaps in the knowledge of our employees are and what we should focus on. We can stimulate growth more than before." Easy LMS allowed optimizing the duration and quality of their evaluations, which is valuable since they perform up to 10 evaluations per employee.

Shout out to support

HALMEX is an international company, but in Mexico, they communicate in Spanish. Maria praises Easy LMS for providing support in Spanish, their mother tongue. "It's way easier to communicate and to express our doubts. The support you have given us has always been the best. You answer quickly and clarify my questions. You take really good care of us!"