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What we would like to know

Your use case

  • What kind of training materials would you like to create (courses, exams, a branded learning portal)?
  • What is the purpose of it (training employees, certifying them, selling courses online)?
  • Who is your target audience? Which information do you need from them?
  • How would you like to share your content?

What we will show you

We will do our best to understand your situation and tailor our demo to your needs:

  • How to create online courses. How to add content slides, images, videos and exams to your courses.
  • How to ask for user information. 
  • We will show you how to share your courses in different ways.
  • How to create a branded company portal (Academy portal) where you can put all your training materials for your users
  • We will show you our stats and results section, where to find user specific data.


Just so you know who's going to give you the online demo:

Anna Eléonore
Anna Eléonore
Brian Priscila
Brian Priscila

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