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Questions, bug reports, complaints, and compliments — we’re here for it all. Our support team is ready to help you 😀.

I am new to Easy LMS and have questions related to product features, pricing, demos, or trials

Of course, our knowledge about our LMS is extensive. So, just ask, we’ll answer. Start a chat with us or email us at

I am an existing Easy LMS client and have questions about product features or my account

Do you already use the tool, and do you have a question about a specific feature? We have an extensive Help Center with step-by-step instructions on how to use our product. Check whether there is an article that answers your questions there.

Would you prefer to contact one of our consultants? Sign in and start a chat with us. This way, we can tailor your support experience.

I need to report an issue

Sign in to your account and start a chat with us. Please provide us with all the information about the issue you’ve found. We can take a look at it together, and if possible, fix it right away. If not, we will report this to our developers, so they can investigate it. We will keep you updated.

I want to report a vulnerability 

If you are an ethical hacker or a security researcher who has discovered a security vulnerability, we welcome you to submit your report by emailing it to

I want to give feedback

Are you happy or unhappy with our service and want to give us actionable feedback? We embrace positive and negative feedback with open arms. Do you already use the tool? Please sign in and start a chat. If that’s not possible, email us at

I want a demo

You want to train, examine and/or certify your employees, but you have a few questions you want to discuss in a demo. You want to confirm if your requirements match our LMS, for instance, or you’d like to know how our LMS can solve your online training challenges. Then, you can schedule a demo! During the demo, we will discuss your requirements, show how Easy LMS can help your business, and how you can implement LMS in the most efficient manner.

Other questions

Do you have questions on a different topic? Start a chat with us or email us at We’ll be happy to help you 😀.

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