Sustainability at Easy LMS

Sustainability is a key value of our company. We constantly strive to be greener and work to achieve this by making minor improvements. Our approach to sustainability is focused and consistent. We hope to become a net-zero company in the not-too-distant future by making little changes with a significant impact. Here is an overview of what we’ve done so far.

CO2 emissions calculation

While we’re already an eco-conscious company, we wanted to take a moment to assess where we stand on the sustainability spectrum. We asked the Climate Neutral Group (CNG) to calculate our CO2 emissions, and the results were pleasing! We produce eight tonnes of CO2 yearly, less than the average European citizen. We even received a certificate to mark our achievement! 

Office improvements

After a carbon footprint consultation with CNG, we jumped into action to make small changes with a significant impact:

💚 We bought a new fridge! It’s eight times more energy efficient than our previous one.
💚 We’ve replaced the lights above our fridges with LED TL lights.
💚 We’re in the process of insulating our windows better.
💚 We’ve bought thermal curtains for the backdoor to keep out the draft!
💚 We’ve got a new and improved policy for waste separation.

Buying trees

We also focus on reforestation and afforestation, both touted as critical solutions to the climate crisis. Our subscription model reflects this. For each subscription sold, we plant a tree to offset our CO2 emissions. We buy our trees on farms across the world in Europe, Guatemala, and Paraguay. We’ve bought hundreds so far! 

Follow our journey

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