How we reduce the carbon footprint of our business

Per sold subscription, we buy a tree to offset our CO2 emissions. This helps us to reach our goal of being a net-zero impact company. But does buying trees really make a difference? Yes, it does! Let’s do some math together and find out how!

CO2 offset per subscription sold

Per subscription, we buy a Pongamia tree that will be planted in Gran Chaco, Paraguay. Each Pongamia tree absorbs 44 kg of CO2 per year, produces valuable nuts, and is great for reforesting damaged or degraded landscapes.

The tree planting cycle

We will own the tree for 20 years, during which time it will absorb 880 kg of CO2 in total. After 20 years, instead of cutting down the tree, we will hand it over to the farmer on whose land the tree is planted. While the tree still sequesters CO2, that won't count towards our compensation.

A valuable side catch is that the oil from the tree’s nuts is refined into renewable biofuel, a sustainable alternative to fossil fuel. Because the Pongamia species produces nuts, the tree is more valuable alive than harvesting it for timber.

Another fascinating benefit of the Pongamia tree: around the trees, indigenous vegetation gets the chance (re)grow, while attracting natural pollinators.

We do our part in the fight against deforestation

By planting Pongamia trees, we do our part in the fight against deforestation. In the Gran Chaco region alone, more than 214 square kilometers of forest disappear each month. We buy the trees via Project Pongamia using the sustainable investment platform Corekees that plants the trees in batches.

Planting trees in Europe

We recently started using a second platform, called ‘ecotree’ to buy trees in Europe. We own a diverse collection of trees through the platform, from Maritime Pine to Maple to Douglas. All these trees are certified and help us to reach our carbon-neutral company goal, but the Maritime pines are a staple in our tree portfolio.

CO2 offset per year

On average, we sell 480 subscriptions per year. So, it comes down to us - actually our clients - offsetting 21,120 kg of CO2 each year! This naturally adds up if we keep adding 480 trees every year because the previously planted trees also continue to offset CO2. So, in the second year, the compensation will be 42,240 kg of CO2. In the third year, it will be 63,360 kg of C02, and so on.

Facts and Figures

Trees to compensate carbon footprint New trees bought in Paraguay: 45
Total CO2 compensated per year: 1,980.00 kg

New trees bought in Europe: 267
Total number of trees: 296
Total CO2 compensated per year: 225kg                                                

New trees bought in Guatemala: 30

Total CO2 compensated per year: 1,320.00kg

Buying extra trees

At Easy LMS, we work with target conditions. Every time we meet a target condition, we buy a tree too. It’s extra motivation for us! Our dream is to build our own forest somewhere nearby so we can hug our own trees 😉

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