Online Exams with reports

Gain insight into your employees' knowledge and development by analyzing the report of your Exam. The filter and export options in our LMS make analyzing easy!

What is it?

Our LMS generates a report for each Exam. With this report, you can analyze:

Individual results

Per employee, we record if they completed the Exam, passed it, received a Certificate, and how long it took. You can also see the given answer per question.

Group results

View group results with graphs and charts to learn how your team performed in general! We provide:

  • An overview of completion, finishing, and succession rates.
  • A summary of scores per questions, like how many times they selected each answer per question.
  • An analysis of how many correct, partially correct, and incorrect answers your employees selected in each question category. It indicates knowledge gaps in your team that you can use to improve your training!

Image 1. Example of graph in an Exam report 

How does it work?

Export your selection to an Excel file

Every Exam has its results stored in a comprehensive table. From here, you can search for an employee to take a closer look at their scores. Perhaps you'll discover where they struggled! You can also search and filter the table by date, score, and completion. If you want to crunch the numbers even further, export your selection to an Excel file! Your inner Excel guru will love it!

Exams also include a general overview of the Exam's questions and answers. All individual results are combined to provide you with a global score. The same summary is available for question categories.

Read our Help Center to learn more about how our Exam reports look and how you can use them!

The benefits of Exam reports

Get more out of our reports than just basic information

Our reports provide you tangible evidence of your employees' learning results. You’ll know if they have learned or what they need to learn. Our reports are easy to share, so everyone who’s involved is up to date! Use reports to discuss your team’s growth potential with HR and management.

You can get more out of our reports than just basic information! Reports help you identify your team’s knowledge gaps. By improving your training material based on the results or training employees on a new skill, you can close that gap and grow as an organization!

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