Notification emails for online Exams

One primary purpose of Easy LMS is to automate and simplify administrative tasks like sending invitations, reminders, results, and certificates. Exams are not an exception. Our Exam notifications will automate communication to save time and help your employees stay on track with their learning goals.

What notifications are available?


This feature is useful when you want to restrict your Exam to a select group of individuals. With our automated invitation emails, you can send all your employees an invitation with just one click. We send them a unique link and password in the email, which gives them access to the Exam.


It is easy for your employees to forget things with their busy schedules

It is easy for your employees to forget things with their busy schedules. Our system will identify who has not started their Exam. It will also identify who has started but did not complete their Exam. You can then use our reminders to resend the invitation email, either to one individual or everyone on the list.


This email notification will include a copy of the participant’s result page as an attachment. Each time participants complete an Exam, you can send a copy of their results to a few different email addresses:

  1. Send the notification to yourself
  2. Another individual who needs to be in the loop, like a department manager
  3. The participant who completed the Exam


It is possible to grant a Certificate automatically for Exams. One option for distribution is to send a copy of the certificate through email. In addition to sending a copy to the participant, you can optionally send the certificate to yourself or another individual in charge of training.

How does it work?

For each email, you can use our standard text, or you can edit it to make it your own. Our email notifications are straightforward to use, but our Help Center shares more tips and information on setting them up:

The benefits of notifications

Notification emails benefit both you and your employees

Notification emails benefit both you and your employees. From your perspective, you will not need to keep tedious lists of who has done what. Just leave it to us, and you can manage all of your communication with a few simple clicks. From your participants' perspective, they can remain up-to-date about their learning progress and store their results and certificates in their own records.

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