Repurposing online courses: your key to saving valuable training time

Breathe new life into your existing online courses today! Repurpose tired and outdated learning material by adapting and modifying it to align with specific training objectives and audiences. In this article, we delve into the art and science of repurposing online courses, unveiling strategies and best practices tailored for e-learning trainers, empowering them to make the most of their LMS and elevate training experiences for their customers' employees.

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Table of contents

  1. What is online course repurposing?
  2. Why repurpose your online course?
  3. Tips for repurposing your online courses
  4. How to repurpose online courses with Easy LMS

What is online course repurposing?

Online course repurposing is the act of reimagining an existing course. Do you have lots of old e-learning content stored on your computer? Put it to good use by practicing course repurposing. Give outdated material a quick makeover and watch your customers' learners soar!

Why repurpose your online course?

Repurposing online courses can save you time and money when done correctly [1]. Doing this allows you to effectively train lots of customers simultaneously and build your business faster. An LMS can help by providing you with a virtual space to store all your existing training material. Modifying courses to address the unique needs of your customers is quick and easy with the help of an LMS!

Tips for repurposing your online courses

Future proof your online courses today! In order to stay competitive, it’s vital to stay ahead of the e-learning curve. Check out our handy tips and maximize the impact of your courses:

  1. Draw a detailed outline.
  2. Turn existing courses into videos.
  3. Condense the information into an infographic.

Draw a detailed outline

The first step is to figure out how you want your online courses to be repurposed. To do this, it’s best to break down your existing course content into its key elements. Ask yourself what’s missing and what’s outdated. Then, make a list of your course learning goals and objectives. Does the existing content fit into your vision [2]?

Does the existing course fit into your vision?

Remember, the key to effective online courses is making the information bite-sized and digestible. Deconstructing existing courses like this allows you to assess the gaps and shift the focus depending on the audience. You are then in a position to tailor your online courses to fit different customers' needs. Make learning fun by incorporating videos and infographics, and watch learner engagement grow!

Turn existing courses into videos

According to CNN, the average attention span has shrunk from 75 to just 47 seconds in recent years [3]. It’s, therefore, more vital than ever to keep learners engaged.

Videos are often easier to focus on than long chunks of text. Try repurposing your courses into video modules. This could be especially useful if your audience is young. Young people are used to the digital world, and the rise of social media shows they often prefer videos over text.

Condense the information into an infographic

Convert existing online courses into infographics, whether you want to simplify complex topics, illustrate a trend, or raise awareness. There are multiple types of infographics, for example:

Static infographics: These allow you to present facts in a visual way without demanding action from the learner.

Animated infographics: These contain movement and are a good way to explain longer concepts or processes. They enable you to tell a story and keep the content engaging through bright colors, cool font, and many more customization options. 

How to repurpose online courses with Easy LMS

Create multiple distinct branded learning portals and easily adapt and repurpose courses for each customer

The Easy LMS Academy is your versatile virtual learning space to prioritizes repurposing online courses. Tailor the space to mirror your customer's unique brand identity, fostering a sense of familiarity and engagement among their employees. You can even create groups that represent different departments in your customer’s business. Simply upload your basic courses in Easy LMS, assess your customer’s needs and knowledge level with an assessment, then tweak the course and share it! Your online courses now fit the needs of each group. Dealing with a diverse customer base? Create multiple distinct branded learning portals and easily adapt and repurpose courses for each customer.

Discover repurposing online courses in action with this client story.

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