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Welcome to our LMS center. Read insightful articles about the basics of an LMS. What is an LMS? How can you use an LMS? And why should you use an LMS? Read, learn, and use the tips and tricks provided!

  • What is Mobile Learning (m-learning)?

    Nowadays, our smartphone is glued to our hands. We use it for everything. Communicating with friends and family, online shopping, ordering food, playing games, and so on. Should we also use smartphones for learning? Mobile learning is a new way to access learning content via mobile devices. Let's dive into the secrets and hidden treasures of mobile learning and discuss the advantages & disadvantages.

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  • 5 Key security features every online learning management system must have

    Most companies are perfectly aware of the need to protect user data. However, it is never actually a top priority because it is a rather abstract, unsexy topic. In the online learning management system industry, a turnaround is visible. More and more LMSs are bringing security measures and procedures settings. They should, considering that by 2029, over $40 billion will be circulating in the industry. Discover the essential security features for safeguarding user privacy in this booming industry! 

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