How to make your onboarding courses trustworthy with Easy LMS

Easy LMS resolves many challenges for medium-sized businesses that give onboarding training. A common problem trainers face is how to make their onboarding courses trustworthy. Read more about how our LMS takes this hassle away.

Common challenge

How can we make our onboarding courses trustworthy?

Our solution

Help your employees settle in quickly and build trust in your company with our LMS. Creating a recognizable environment is an essential aspect of trust building. Fully customize your Academy by choosing the color of your font, buttons, and background. Add a logo and image on the sign-in page to fit your company’s brand. Even Courses and Exams can be altered to suit your company style.

  • Seeing the results of the participants.
  • Adding and removing participants. Very handy when new employees join or leave.
  • Adding and removing learning content.
  • Content management remains in your careful hands!

Further customization 

Stand out from the crowd by customizing the address from which our system sends emails. Invitations, certifications, notifications, and password reset emails can all be sent from your own email address. We even give you the option to add your own domain.

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