How to reuse and add existing training material to onboarding courses with Easy LMS

Easy LMS resolves many challenges for medium-sized businesses that give onboarding training. A common problem faced by trainers is reusing and adding existing training material to their onboarding courses. Read more about how our LMS takes this hassle away.

Common challenge

We have lots of material to cover in the onboarding courses. Is it possible to reuse and add existing training material?

Our solution

Learning should always be engaging and fun, but this becomes essential when there’s a lot of material to cover. Our LMS makes this challenge simple by allowing you to reuse or add existing training material to your Courses and Exams. Check out which elements you can combine:

  • Existing questions: Do you already have existing exam questions in another database that you want to reuse? Import all your questions at once via an Excel file. We have created a sample file where you can see precisely how your file should be structured. Once they are imported, you can easily add them to a brand-new Exam.
  • Existing files: Create a content slide in your Course and add a file download element, such as a PDF, Excel file, or document.
  • Video, audio, or presentation: You can add video, audio, or Prezi presentation elements to your Course slides. However, you first need to upload them to an external platform like Youtube for video or Soundcloud for audio. Once they are uploaded, you can embed the link into your Course slides. What about moving all your content from your old LMS to our system? Don’t worry! We use a Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM), which allows you to transfer content between LMSes.

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