How to demonstrate that your client’s investment in training is paying off with Easy LMS

Easy LMS resolves many challenges for medium-sized businesses that give onboarding training. A common problem they face is giving their clients access to their learner’s test results. Read more about how our LMS takes this hassle away.

Common challenge

We need to demonstrate that our client’s investment in the training is paying off. What are the report options?

Our solution

Our LMS comes with extensive reporting options. Most clients will judge you on the quality of the training material and/or the learning outcome. Quality can be measured by the test results. That’s why we always recommend adding an Exam at the beginning, as a benchmark, and at the end of your e-learning program, as a progress indicator. The results will show how knowledge on a specific topic has grown!

A high pass rate is also a strong indicator that your material is of sufficient quality (or your Exam is too easy :wink:). You can present this rate to your clients and combine it with extra Course and/or Exam data (visually), like:

  • progress (completed vs. in progress)
  • status (received certificate yes vs. no)
  • outcome per category
  • outcome per question

Did you include an Academy in your plan? Then you can crunch the numbers by group too!

Add an (open-ended) questionnaire too

Besides quantitative data, Easy LMS enables you to communicate qualitative data too. The only requirement is to include an (open-ended) questionnaire in your training program. You can embed, for example, an Assessment in a Course to determine how learners feel about the program’s level.

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