Accelerating Excellence: Glovo's Journey with Easy LMS in Couriers' Onboarding

"I would definitely recommend Easy LMS for the ease of implementing and the price, quality ratio. I haven't found any other tool with that quality and that price."

Yohann Bensadoun, Supply Growth Manager at Glovo, Spain

General information

Type of subscription Enterprise Owl 
Company size 1,000
Key features Courses, Exams, and Integrations


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Full testimonial

Glovo is located in Barcelona, Spain. They developed a popular delivery app that puts different users in touch: restaurants, grocery stores, couriers, and clients. "It's an app that allows people to order pretty much anything in the city," Yohann Bensadoun explained.

The company's main office is in Barcelona, but they also have offices in every country they operate. At the time of writing, they have about 50,000 -60,000 active couriers (called "gloves"). They deliver food and other goods to clients who order them through the app.

They needed a tool to make it easier for them to train the new couriers and get them started with the app. "Previously, we used to do in-person training. But as we started scaling and going to multiple cities, this process wasn't scalable anymore," Yohann said.

Courier onboarding

"We are currently using Easy LMS for the courier onboarding. So, now, every courier globally goes through the training before being onboarded through Easy LMS," Yohann said. Before choosing Easy LMS, they looked at other options: "But we didn't feel like they were flexible enough for our needs and very often too pricey, so we decided to go with Easy LMS, which allowed us to be set up very fast."

Every courier, globally, goes through the training through Easy LMS

Currently, a candidate courier goes to their website and signs up to become a glover. They send the candidate's data to Easy LMS through an integration. Then, the candidate receives an invitation email to take the training. When the candidate completes the course, Easy LMS sends their data to a third-party tool with a webhook integration.

Yohann: "We use the webhook functionality to integrate with our internal tools, and it's been working really well for us." If the candidates pass the training, they are ready to start working for the delivery app. "At one point, we had a problem with our webhook integration, but I sent an email, and Easy LMS fixed it very fast,” Yohann continued.

No need for a contract

According to Yohann, Easy LMS has given their company a great return on investment. It allows them to reduce what they call the Glover Acquisition Cost (GAC).

"In comparison with other learning platforms, where you usually charge per user, Easy LMS allows us to have pretty much unlimited tests, which, given the way we are growing right now, is perfect for our needs,” Yohann told. Unlike other competitors, Easy LMS doesn't have a contract. He continued: "We really enjoy the subscription model that Easy LMS provides."

Ease of use

Glovo tried to work with another platform at some point, but they decided to stick with Easy LMS for its ease of use. "It was a lot more complicated. What is great about Easy LMS is that the training material can be created and edited by the local teams, who understand how the platform works, so we don't actually have a bottleneck in HQ to create all the training."

"I would definitely recommend Easy LMS for the ease of implementing and the price, quality ratio. I haven't found any other tool with that quality and that price," Yohann concluded.