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Online Mortgage Advisor believes that their clients deserve professional and substantive advice. That is why they certify their brokers with through Easy LMS.

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Type of subscription Business Owl + Academy
Company size 150

When it all started ...

Online Mortgage Advisor is a relatively small firm, with circa 15 staff, but they have over 150 advisors around the UK in over 40 firms. They connect customers who need a mortgage with the best advisor for their particular situation. They recruit, train, and manage firms who are specialists in all manner of different niche areas to ensure they are placed to provide the customer with the right advice.

Get the right advice, every time

They help customers requiring a wide variety of broker expertise; examples include the self-employed, those with adverse credit, landlords with HMO properties, and those with complex income types. Mortgage lending criteria varies greatly, but customers often can’t be sure if the broker they go to has the lender expertise for their specific circumstances.

This is why training, testing, and accreditation is so important to them and is where Easy LMS comes in. Online Mortgage Advisor wanted to be sure that customers get the right advice, every time.


Online Mortgage Advisor uses Easy LMS to assess and certify the learning standards of the brokers they work with, to ensure they have the level of knowledge required in their specialist area to handle their customers. They also needed courses for providing the information to those who are learning new areas or refreshing their knowledge, and they use exams and certificates for assessing that they understand the subject matter. Easy LMS provided this in a simple format that was easy to set up.

Password-protected area 

Online Mortgage Advisor had used other free versions of LMS in the past, but the assessment and certificate sections were unstable and difficult to report on and thus verify that the advisors had in fact completed the necessary course and exams. Easy LMS also allowed them to set pass marks and issue certification automatically, so the process is easily scalable. One of the main things was to set up a password-protected area and host the courses on an invite-only basis, helping to protect their IP.

The Academy allows Online Mortgage Advisor to invite and track all users of the system, report on the number of exam attempts a user makes and helps to further qualify the quality of advisors they work with.

Easy LMS, with the Academy add-on, has allowed us to deliver training and assessments to over 200 specialists to date, with this number growing week to week. With this, our accreditation process has been awarded official LIBF accreditation as a body of learning for specialist mortgages, something that we believe is not available anywhere else in the market.

This accreditation is perfect for building trust in our brand and ensuring that we do everything we can to help as many of our customers get the right advice as possible.

Pete Mugleston, Managing Director

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