LMS Integration: Co-operate with your other systems

You probably use a lot of other software. You're looking for an LMS that's not just another software on its own. You want it to co-operate with your other systems. So do we!

We have 4 different types of LMS integrations, described below. If it gets too technical, sorry about that. Ask support to help. 

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Webhooks to get data from our LMS

With webhooks you can hook us up to any system you use if it can receive data via JSON. Pretty nifty stuff. You can also connect to a service like Zapier, which serves as a hub and will forward/send the data to other systems. 

3rd party integrations to send data to other parties

We create simple integrations that you and I can understand and manage to connect ourselves. For now we're connected with MailChimp.

Mail chimp LMS  

Postmessage API to send some info to your embedding page

The Postmessage API is used to send some extra information to your embedding page of our online courses and exams. Ask support for documentation on this.

POST & GET integrations to send data to our LMS

If your system is able to submit data in the URL, this will probably be the quickest way of integration.
We can capture the following parameters:
NB: we only have one name field, so not a separate first name and last name.

Ok, that's as technical as we'll get here. Let your technical guys connect to our support to sort that out and get it working. 

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