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The online course builder software is part of our online Easy LMS. With our online course management system you can create courses with text, images, embed videos, create practice questions and test your users with a real exam. Afterwards you can assign them a certificate. Completely automated! 

Build courses

Build courses with our online course design software. We made it as simple as possible. You can just focus on the content. Let our online course builder software handle the rest. You don't have to worry about design, layout or fonts, colors etcetera. Our designers setup a well balanced course design.  

You slice up your content in smaller chunks and dedicate a slide to each piece of learning material. Put in the text, images and videos you need to explain. Don't make the reading pieces too long or you students will lose their concentration. Keep the reading limited to approximately 15 minutes to per slide. Throw in some practice questions after each reading piece to enhance interactivity and keep the students engaged. 

Start your course with a short introduction about the contents of the course. In the next step you can ask your students to sign up or log in. Then the learning can start with your first slide.

Practice questions

After having your students put some effort in reading and studying let's give them some action. We believe in alternating reading (studying) and doing (practice). Throw in some practice questions to test your students. 

Distraction free learning

We think we created the most beautiful learning experencie in the market. We really put some effort in creating a full screen distraction free learning environment. Your content can stand out. Your students can learn. 

Test with a real exam

End each course with a real exam. Use our exam builder to piece together a tough test. Read more about our exam builder. 


You need to hand out a certificate to your students? No problem, we have an app for that :-) Actually it's not an app, it's an integrated part of our Learning Management System. There's so much to say about this, so we dedicated a whole page to online LMS certification for courses.

Online course management

Manage all your courses, students, course content in one place. Use our dashboard as a starting point for managing your online courses. 

And more

We have tons of settings and features. Just create an account and try our online course management system for free. Do you want to learn more about how to create an online course? Check our step by step guide.

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