Online course builder: easy and intuitive

Our online course builder helps you create Courses that support continuous learning. Take your team’s skills to new heights!

Create Courses with different media and tests

Our online course builder gives you all the tools you need to customize your training. You can add all the information you need on your Course with content slides. Combine text, images, audio, video, and web pages. Request or provide files. Add Exams to measure performance. Then reward their hard work with a beautiful certificate! Some other popular settings include expiration dates, timers on Course slides, attempt limits, and Exam pass rates.

You can also customize the look and feel of your Courses. Our Course design is clutter free to support distraction-free learning. All distracting details are removed. So, your customized Course will reach its full potential! 

Select, invite participants and share

Restrict your Course to a specific group of participants. Just give us their names and email addresses, and we'll generate and send their login credentials! Or make it open with a public URL, or post it on your website or intranet. 

The Academy stores all the Courses in a central place. With only one set of credentials, participants can access many Courses (and Exams) all at once!

Track and get insights about participant progress and performance

Courses have an overview of all session details. Filter by date, participant, completion, and (certificate) status. Then export the selected sessions to an Excel file to crunch the numbers further. Exports include additional details like the time spent on each slide and test results. 

Do you want to store the results in another one of your software tools? With our online course builder, you can make it happen! Just set up a webhook. Easy and quick! 

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