White label LMS

Make your students feel at home, white label our LMS, embed it on your own website and don't tell anybody you're using our software. Create custom styling to reflect your brand. White labeling keeps all the praise to yourself. You've earned it!

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White label

For our business, corporate and enterprise plans you get our super online LMS as a white label LMS. You can embed the white label courses on your own website or intranet. You won't find any logos of Easy LMS in your course. It's about you and your users, not about us.

Branding & Custom styling

Our designers created a beautiful distraction free learning environment. One of the best in the market, if you ask us. But it's known that when the course is branded to reflect your own brand your colleagues will feel at home and they achieve better results. Your designer can create custom styling for your LMS. You can change fonts, colors and add your logo if you'd like. 

If you don't have designers in your team, our designers can create a customized look & feel for you as well!

Focus on the content

Although you can brand and use custom styling we do think that focus on the content goes above all else. We want to offer your students the best learning experience. When you're not distracted by all kinds of design choices other learning management systems offer there's more time to put in creating the learning content.

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