Objectives of assessment and evaluation

What are the main objectives of assessments and evaluation? Assessments differ from other tests in the sense that the latter have a pass/fail rate, whereas the assessment is a test that can generate different outcomes, and none of them is necessarily wrong or incorrect. Examples of assessments are surveys, placement tests, personality tests, skills tests, and so on.


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Multiple category assessments

In assessments, every different outcome is a different category. In multiple categories’ assessments, for example, you can have completely different results depending on how the test taker answers them. For example, for the same question, you can associate different categories (or possible outcomes) for each answer. If it’s a personality test, you can ask a simple question, and depending on the answer, you score more or less points in a specific category. The objective is that, in the end, you get to find out which category (or personality type 😅) best describes you.

Single scale assessments

Single scale assessments also have different categories, but they all score within a scale. They are used for placement evaluations, for example, in which you can be a beginner, intermediate or advanced learner. For the same question, depending on your answer, you can score lower or higher within the scale.


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