Quiz defintion/meaning

In this article we'll talk about the definition of a quiz.

A quiz can be identified as a form of a game or a mind  sport. Players can be divided into teams or they play individually. They attempt to answer questions correctly and often play against each other to get the highest score and of course to beat each other :) Quizzes are not only used to test general knowledge, like a pub quiz, but also in different companies and in education.

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Companies and education mostly want to test a specific area of knowledge of a certain subject, and not general knowledge. A quiz could be seen as a brief assessment to measure growth in knowledge, abilities, and/or skills.

A quiz is usually a short test, and often doesn’t have a huge impact on your grades as a test has. Some teachers may even not use the quiz grade at all to determine your course grade. Quizzes are often several times given by teachers throughout a course. It’s an easy way to keep track of your students and have an insight into the gaps of knowledge. It gives both the teacher and student a reflection. It shows students on what subject they have to focus. There are different kinds of questions that can be used for quizzes. Some examples are: fill-in-the blanks, multiple choice and true or false. It’s even possible to have image answers.

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