“I have to walk in the clients' shoes”| Easy LMS Talks

In our interview series Easy LMS Talks, we ask colleagues to talk about their jobs. What makes their work fun and challenging? This time it is Daniela's turn to talk about her role as an Implementation Consultant. 

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Our Implementation Consultants are central to our team. They are in constant communication with clients, then filter their feedback to the software engineers. This helps develop our awesome learning tool! Daniela is a relatively new employee who is making an impact. She loves the creativity of her role and is energized by doing meaningful work. See her client-first approach come to life in our interview :slight_smile: .

Interviewee Profile:

Name: Daniela
Work experience at Easy LMS: Seven months
Current role: Implementation Consultant

Could you briefly explain your role?

"I am an Implementation Consultant. This means I work for Support; I help our clients with their questions when they don’t know how to use our platform. I also help them when they have complaints. I take all this data, including their suggestions, to Software Engineers and to the product board. I then give my perspective on how the information should be interpreted. This way, they can become new features and be beneficial to clients. I’m both helping clients navigate the tool as it is now and also helping to improve it for the future."

What does a typical working day look like for you?

"I primarily answer clients' questions and forward their feedback to the Software Engineers. I work in a team with the engineers as the person representing Support. We try to deploy something at least once a week- it can be very small, like making a feature a little bit better, or sometimes it’s a big change. We gather regularly to discuss how we can improve the tool. Another important aspect of my role is giving demos. This involves talking to potential clients and answering their questions. Sometimes they already know their way around the tool because they’ve done the trial. Other times they’re totally new to our system. I’m kind of a teacher because I teach clients how our tool works. I do this by taking a personalized approach to their needs. I try to demonstrate the system in a way that fits each client."

I’m kind of a teacher because I teach clients how our tool works

Why is client feedback important to you?

"Client feedback is important for many reasons; all aspects of my work involve client feedback. I need to know the clients' needs in order to help them. The same thing goes for the demo. I have to know what the client expects from our tool to help them meet their training goals. In order to improve the platform, I always need to keep the client’s perspective in mind. Just because something looks appealing doesn’t mean it's an improvement for the client. It’s vital for the client’s perspective to reach the Software Engineers. I can only pass on what to improve if I know what they think."

What is one of the main challenges of your role?

"I think even if I always try to have the client’s perspective in mind, it can still be tricky. I have to walk in their shoes and think in the same way they do. I use the tool all the time, so it’s straightforward for me. Thinking about the platform from a new user’s perspective can be a challenge."

What is one of the main highlights of your role?

"It’s nice to help other people. This is a learning tool; it matters. I love that I can help clients train their customers. I feel part of something important and meaningful. It’s cool that we can be creative when we implement something new. What’s more, I really enjoy speaking different languages. I speak five in total, and Easy LMS is one of the few places I can use them all. In previous roles, I have only used a couple of the languages I can speak."

I love that I can help clients train their customers. I feel part of something important and meaningful

How do you experience the working culture at Easy LMS?

"It’s very good. Even though it’s something I’m not used to. Before working here, I was used to another kind of work culture and environment. I still have to get used to feeling so free. I can make mistakes here, and it’s not a bad thing, but a learning opportunity. I know if I have any problems or questions, I can always communicate that. I don’t have to think twice. If I find a respectful and kind way, I can say anything. It’s a very dynamic environment, and there’s always something new to learn. Whether that’s how I communicate with clients or use the system, I can use all my talents: my languages, creativity, and helping people. My communication skills have improved, especially since working at Easy LMS. I’ve learned it’s not only what you say but how you say it."

Why did you want to work for Easy LMS in the first place?

"I was thinking about a career change right before I started working here. I previously worked as a French teacher. I took a vocational test to see how I could best use my skills in a job that would be meaningful for me. I discovered I liked speaking languages, being creative, communicating effectively, and helping people. Easy LMS is the place I can use them all. Working here is energizing."