5 reasons why client feedback is important to us

Client feedback is an important part of growing a business. It guides and informs our decision-making, and influences our product roadmap. Read more reasons why client feedback is so important to us.

5 reasons why client feedback is important to us
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A real-life Easy LMS client review:

“We've decided not to use Easy LMS for the intentions we had in mind because of the lack of integration between courses and exams. There are no real options to create a continuous flow from one section to another.”

We are proud of our product and are dedicated to being the best in class for small and medium-sized businesses. So, when we get criticism and fail to live up to a client’s expectations, it certainly stings. At the same time, we feel it’s an opportunity for us to learn and improve. However, we do love positive criticism and compliments too (hint, hint 😉).

We embrace positive and negative feedback with open arms. 

In spite of the challenge to not take it personally, we embrace positive and negative feedback with open arms. We’ve made it our priority to engage with prospective, current, and former clients to find out what their opinion is on our product and services. I want to highlight five reasons why client feedback is important to us, and how it helps us to get better and better.

Reason 1: Shows us what our clients actually want

There is often a disconnect between what clients want, and what an internal team thinks clients want. After all, somebody decided that commercial flops like Crystal Pepsi and the Amphicar were great ideas. Did anyone ever ask for clear cola? How often do we need to drive through water? But I diverge. Finding out what people want isn’t rocket science! At Easy LMS, we simply ask what our clients want to see in the product and listen to them. Based on clients’ feedback, we improve our product and provide them with valuable features. It’s a win-win!

Reason 2: Gives us actionable data

Engaging with clients and asking open-ended questions gives us a clear idea of what we can improve on. A doctor would never diagnose a patient and provide a treatment plan without hearing about his or her symptoms first. In the same way, we couldn’t determine why some potential clients do not sign up for a paid plan without speaking to a single client. It’d be shooting in the dark! Furthermore, asking canned questions isn’t enough to act on alone. To truly understand clients and the moving forces behind their behavior, we speak with them and hear what they have to say firsthand.

Reason 3: Our clients have an opportunity to be heard

Everyone likes to feel like their voice matters.

Being open to feedback gives clients a platform to be heard and understood. Everyone likes to feel like their voice matters! Sometimes, our clients just need a listening ear and someone to empathize with. Other times, they might have a great idea that will make our lives and others’ way better. In fact, we appreciate their feedback so much that we record each client’s suggestion, and then personally contact them when their idea is implemented.

Reason 4: Increases retention and satisfaction

We strive to address client feedback so that we can solve any issues before it becomes reason enough for them to leave. It is an age-old adage that acquiring new customers is more expensive than retaining existing ones! Not only does client feedback foster satisfaction, but it also helps us understand a typical client’s behavior. What types of people tend to sign up and stick with our tool? How long do LMS projects usually last? We can then use this information to build a product that keeps clients with us in the long term.

Not only does client feedback foster satisfaction, but it also helps us understand a typical client’s behavior.

Reason 5: Informs our process of continuous improvement

At Easy LMS we’re a big fan of an approach called Kaizen. One of its key features is continuous improvement. Continuous improvement focuses on improvement through small incremental steps. This means we make our product better through small daily changes, rather than major overhauls. We are in a state of never-ending change. Likewise, our clients’ needs and their perception of our product are also in a state of perpetual change (and in the SaaS world this change can be quite rapid). Therefore, client feedback is essential for helping us identify flexible steps that move with our clients’ needs.

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