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There are different ways to share your e-learning content using an LMS. Depending on your objectives, you may choose one over the other. For example, you may wish to embed your test or course on your website, or you might prefer to add users and invite them to their exams. Regardless, if you have a large number of exams and courses, a great solution is to create a branded landing page where all your e-learning materials come together. Learn more.

LMS Academy Portal

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What is the academy portal?

The Academy portal is a branded landing page for your exams and courses created with Easy LMS. Without the Academy portal there’s always the option to share the URL of those materials, embed them on your website using an I-frame, or securely invite your users to take your content through invitation emails. Yet, these options require your users to keep track of their content in separate places. Furthermore, with invite only, your users will also have a separate set of login credentials for each course and test! 

Therefore, the Academy is beneficial when you have a large amount of learning materials and would like your learners to have access to them all in one place. The Academy will provide them with a branded webpage where they access their assigned content by logging in to one place and with one set of login credentials. 

What can I use the academy portal for?

Setting up online training programs

Are you looking for an e-learning platform to host your training materials for your new hires, clients, partners, or students? Tired of sending out PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, emails, and random videos to help people learn more about your organization?

We know that when organizations move from the usual hands-on training to e-learning, their first attempts to scale their training and move it “online” entail one of the options listed above. However, shared online documents and videos are a disorganized method to set up your training and don't allow you to keep track of your users’ activities and results.

Getting organized is possible by creating a branded learning portal to share your e-learning training materials. You can publish several courses with a final exam at the end and even grant certificates upon completion. In this way, your learners become more motivated and engaged with the training. It helps your company look professional for new hires and puts everyone literally on the same page with the training.

When it comes to the administrative side of things, you can get a comprehensive view of your users' activities and results. Observe which parts of the online training have been completed, which parts are incomplete, and see the users’ scores on exams. Users can also see their own results (if allowed), which helps them feel that they have more autonomy and control over their own learning.

Creating online courses for sale 

If you are an instructor and are looking for a solution to create course materials that can be sold online, that is also possible with our Easy LMS Academy portal.

Although we don’t have an e-commerce solution as part of our software, our integrations make it possible to connect with other tools to collect payments.

Say, for example, you wish to create several courses about a certain theme and sell them online. With our Academy groups feature, you can group several courses together and those who purchase these specific course bundles access by connecting your e-commerce solution to Easy LMS with our API. Your users will then be automatically added to their corresponding Academy group and receive the login credentials to access the courses they purchased. Awesome, isn’t it? After you set up this integration the first time, everything will happen without you even having to think about! 

Can I customize the portal according to my brand?

Yes, you can. You can customize the logo, colors, fonts, add a background image, and even choose your own domain for your Academy landing page. Your participants won’t even know they are using an Easy LMS tool (only you 😉). We work hard to make it look pretty and professional, but you can keep all the credit for yourself!

How can I test the academy portal?

We can show it in a demo or you can sign up for a free trial. The portal is an add-on to our regular plans, so if you sign up for a trial please send us a message through the chat so we can activate the Academy portal for your account.

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