Academy: Organize your workload and boost your efficiency

Heavy training workload? No problem. Organize all your learning content under one virtual roof. The Academy simplifies the entire process, especially when you have a lot of training material and multiple customers to manage. Boost your efficiency and ensure excellent training results!

Publish your content in a fully branded portal

The styling options include everything you need to match your customer’s portal to their brand. Upload their logo, pick a font, and alter colors. Combine styling with a custom URL, and voilà! No one will know it is Easy LMS! Your customers' employees will appreciate the professional look and feel. They will feel welcome. 

Create groups for fine-grained customization

You can create groups within your Academy that mirror a customer's departments, such as HR, communication, office management. Tweak the training material for each group and create a learning path to guide your customers' employees through them in a specific order.

Results are kept separate for each group. Check group progress in just a few clicks and use this data to offer specific feedback or fine-tune your (follow-up) courses and exams.

Grant access with just one invite and login link

We've simplified the tedious task of adding participants to training material. All you need is a basic Excel sheet. Alternatively, you can use our invitation API and automate the whole process. Simply input your employees' names and email addresses, and the API will send them an invitation mail to set their own passwords.

Track progress with reports

Reports give you deeper learning insights! See an overview of the results for your Academy. Then, get specific with groups. Effortlessly generate a detailed report of Course and Exam results for each group. It’s also possible to filter the data using different criteria, like certificate status and passing rates.

Have some employees not completed their training on time? You’ve got the option to send reminders. Want to prevent the same from happening again? You can let your customers' employees track their own learning progress. Determine the access level yourself!

Multiple academies: add as many as you need!

Are you juggling several customers at once? Organize your training workload by creating a unique branded learning portal for each of them. The multiple academies add-on offers all the same styling and personalization options as the standard Academy. Take it one step further with the option to set different languages, login, and course invitation methods per learning portal.

Create exclusive content per learning portal, or simplify and save time by repurposing your learning content in each Academy to standardize your training process. Easily duplicate courses and tweak them for different customers. This way, everyone can enjoy a training experience tailored to their unique needs without requiring much effort from you.

Assign admins to manage one or more specific academies to delegate tasks while protecting your participants’ data! With results separated by Academy, you can grant your customers secure, real-time access to the company or department’s results.

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