Back-End Software Engineer (TypeScript)

Are you hungry for knowledge and seeking a fresh opportunity to expand your skills as a Back-End Software Engineer? Our open working culture will let you work in a tight-knit team while still collaborating with colleagues from other teams. We are making great strides in aligning our product with our clients' needs. We can make it even better with you on board!

Education: HBO / WO bachelor

Employment: Full-time 

  Relocation not possible 

Hybrid, minimum 2 days at the office 

You enjoy doing this:

You will work in a team that takes full ownership of building a feature
  • Writing as much sustainable code as possible, particularly in TypeScript.
  • Collaborating with the UX and Implementation Consultant team to make our product more client-focused.
  • Assisting colleagues and learning through pull requests, code reviewing, pair programming, and mob sessions.
  • Working in a team that takes full ownership of building a feature, from conceptualization to delivery.
  • Working in small and fast iterations and shipping code on a daily basis.
  • Identifying improvements and implementing them.


A day you'll love:

9:00 AM - Code reviews. You start the day with code reviews over an espresso. It's interesting because you come across many new things in the exports. You call on your colleague, Koen, to learn more about the database set-up and our security measures.

9:45 AM - Stand-up time! You update your team on the progress of adding a new endpoint to the AdminAPI for removing Academies. You need some extra time because you want to improve the internal documentation related to it.

10:00 AM - 12:30 PM - Full focus development time. It's your first time working on the AdminAPI. Team leader Markus provides additional guidance on what to pay attention to. Together, you go through acceptance testing one more time.

12:30 PM - 1:15 PM - Lunchtime! We serve an elaborate lunch with boiled eggs, local cheeses, and organic bread toppings.

1:15 PM - 1:45 PM - Coaching session. You have a session where you establish your goal for the next three months: to improve your test-driven development skills. Your first step is to pair program with team leader Markus, who has a lot of experience in this area.

1:45 PM - 4:00 PM - Full focus development time. Your story is in the final stages. You run all the tests, solve the problems and ship the code you started this morning!

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM - Pair programming. Fellow engineer Rens is facing a roadblock while refactoring the registration wizard. You help by asking the right questions, and you both learn something!

Do you want to know what makes being a Back-End Software Engineer at Easy LMS unique? Read the interview with Koen, who switched from being a consultant to a Back-End Software Engineer. 

This is where you'll see yourself:

We've noticed that Back-End Software Engineers with a genuine passion for client-focused SaaS solutions tend to thrive in our dynamic and fast-paced environment. Most of the time, they match several or all of the following requirements:

  • Have 3 or more years of full-time software engineering experience in a similar commercial environment, specifically focused on SaaS solutions. While experience with TypeScript is preferred, experience with other languages is also welcome.
  • Are a client-centered technical problem solver creating elegant solutions with best practices and principles.
  • Hold a BSc or MSc degree (or mindset), preferably in computer science or similar education.
  • Prefer agile work methods to achieve maximum results in small steps.
  • Know how to automate and implement recurring tasks in continuous integration and deployment systems.
  • Work test-driven.
  • Are a true team player who keeps motivation high.
  • Is fluent in English.
  • Live in the Netherlands.
  • Nice extras include experience with Node.JS, Docker, PHP, and AWS services.

What we offer in return:

Personal development is a top priority
  • Contribute to an international, growing company with a mission.
  • A salary that grows with you. We start at 3,000 euro full-time, but it really depends on your experience and skill level.
  • An international team of young and more experienced colleagues who support each other with feedback.
  • Personal development is a top priority!
    • Learn by stepping out of your comfort zone, making mistakes, and growing from them.
    • Devote six weeks each year to enhance and broaden your skills.
    • Participate in (online) courses and conferences of your choice!
  • A caring company that offers:
    • Monthly chair massages
    • Healthy communal lunch catering to dietary preferences
    • No overtime, promoting work-life balance
    • Alternating work weeks with play weeks for side projects, technical exploration, and skill growth
    • Customizable hardware for optimal work conditions (standing desk, multiple screens, monitor glasses, etc.)
    • Paid parental leave
  • An excellent working atmosphere with regular barbecues, movie nights, game evenings, (online) team activities, and celebratory champagne for success!
  • We embrace a hybrid work style: at least two office days and the flexibility to choose your workspace on other days.

Read what makes Easy LMS special.

A fun place - Easy LMS


Feeling enthusiastic? Send your CV to us at Tips for your CV? We would like to see your experience with specific programming languages and frameworks. We value collaboration, so explain what each project involved, your role, and which competencies you had to employ. Do you have any questions about this position? Please contact Caroline Heijkoop - de Vor at +31 683712762.



What does your work process look like?

We deliver a new feature or iteration every 2 to 4 days

We embrace modern software engineering to build better software faster. We don’t have three-week sprints; we deliver a new feature or iteration every 2 to 4 days. We deploy our code as soon as it adds value, meaning we deploy it multiple times daily in practice.

Why such a short development cycle? We strongly believe in taking small steps and working iteratively. The smaller the step, the smaller the risk, both technically and financially. We build on the made step with the next small step, with the ability to adjust as necessary. By deploying quickly, you receive feedback from end-users faster. Nothing is more frustrating than working on a feature for weeks only to find out after delivery that it's not being used as intended.

What are the training opportunities within the company?

Learning is integrated into the feature delivery process

Your personal development is our top priority. At our company, you learn mainly by doing and stepping out of your comfort zone. We encourage you to take on tasks you've never done before with guidance. You are given time and space to explore how things work. Learning is integrated into the feature delivery process in our environment, so there's no time pressure! Furthermore, it's absolutely okay to make mistakes; we provide a safe space for that. Everyone here understands that mistakes are the best teachers.

You will have a coach who will guide you in achieving your personal goals. Together, you will determine the necessary steps to get there. If it's a course you need, you'll have a budget for it. If attending a conference aligns better with your goals, you'll have the opportunity to go. We don't have a fixed training budget; instead, we assess your needs on a case-by-case basis.

What techniques do you use?

We work with the following development stack:

  • Front-end: React + TypeScript, Storybook for UI testing
  • Back-end: Node.JS, TypeScript + PHP
  • MariaDB (MySQL) and DynamoDB databases
  • AWS
  • Docker
  • Github
  • Jenkins for CI/CD

What kind of team will I be part of?

Our development team comprises a mix of Front-End and Back-End Software Engineers. We are about 9 strong! But more importantly, each engineer is part of a problem-solving team. This team mixes Front-End and Back-End Software Engineers and Implementation Consultants. Sometimes, it is supplemented with a UX Researcher, Product Owner, and Content Marketer. Together, you have one goal: to work collaboratively every day on valuable features for our target audience!

Do I work from home or the office?

We love working in the office (because it's fun!), but we also support remote work. All logistics and structures are designed accordingly, so working from home is effortless. We also have a remote-first policy, which means, among other things:

  • All important communication happens online via Slack.
  • All documentation is online.
  • Meetings are conducted online when >1 person are working remotely.