Build Lessons and Courses

Build and create the most beautiful courses with our easy to use cloud based LMS. Combine text, video, images, practice questions and exams.

  • Build Courses

    Use our course builder to create engaging online e-learning courses. Combine all the content elements you need: text, video, images and practice questions to build rich and engaging courses. 

  • Create Exams

    Test your users at the end of a course with a real exam. Put their gained knowledge to the test with an online exam

  • Make Assessments

    Want to assess your students? Our LMS comes with a rich assessment tool. Create single axis or multiple axis assessments and get to know your students. 

  • Create Quizzes

    Create gamified quizzes so your students can practice and learn at the same time. 

  • Languages

    Choose from one of 10 available languages for your account dashboard, and one of 22 available languages for the player interface of your tests.

  • White label LMS & Branding

    Make your students feel at home, white label our LMS, embed it on your own site and don't tell anybody you're using our software. Create a custom styling to reflect your brand. Keep all the praise to yourself. You earn it!

  • No Limits

    Create unlimited online courses with our course builder. The sky is the limit. Never stop learning!


Give your students the best distraction free e-learning experience with our LMS. 

  • Know your users

    With our advanced user management you can know your users by asking extra information.

  • Invite users to your courses

    Upload your users to our cloud based lms and send them an invite, completely automated.

  • Self-registration

    Let your users sing-up for your courses themselves. No assigning required.  

  • Learn everywhere

    Our LMS is available on any platform: desktop, tablet or mobile. Your students can learn everywhere with our mobile learning management system.

  • Self-paced learning

    Let your students set the pace. Studing on your own speed gets the best results. 

  • Distraction free learning

    Don't worry about designing the courses yourself. Our designers did an excellent job to create a distraction free and beautifull learning experience. Focus on the course content and learn the most.

  • Embed courses on your site or platform

    Don't bring your students to our platform, bring the content to them. Embed your courses on your own website or platform. 

  • Certification

    Need to hand out certificates after completing a course? No worries. Our automated course certification process handles all the administration. 

  • Single Sign-On

    Do you want to give your colleagues easy access to your learning content using your companies user credentials? Use our Single Sign On integration to give easy & secure access. 

  • Academy Portal

    Do you need to manage a lot of courses and participants? The Academy portal allows you to assign groups of students access to your learning content. Creating custom learning portals for your students with ease. 

Tracking & Reporting

Keep track of your students. Download the results and stats to evaluate your course. Integrate with your other software. 

  • Track progress

    Track the progress of your students through your courses.

  • Results

    Take a look at the results and see where they need a hand or some extra learning material. 

  • Stats

    Have a look at the stats of your exams. Learn where you can improve your learning material. 

  • Webhook

    Use our outgoing webhooks to hook up to your prefered database. Read more about our LMS integrations.

  • API

    Use our simple but elegant API to add participants to Easy LMS and give them access to your courses.

  • 3rd party Integrations

    Integrate with MailChimp, or connect with Hubspot.

Want a demo?

Send us an e-mail and we give you a call to schedule a demo. We have a lot of awesome stuff to show!

  • Automated certification
  • Advanced user management
  • Powerful reporting and statistics
  • Custom styling
  • Whitelabel LMS solution

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