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The online quiz creator is part of our Easy LMS. With our quiz creator you can build and manage your quizzes. The gamified quiz is ideal to get your students learning in a fun way. With the leaderboard you can get a little competition going and stimulate playing again, and again, and again to top the leaderboard. With repetition people learn. 

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Create your online quiz

Create your online quiz by giving it a name and set up the settings you need. Then start creating questions and add them to the quiz. 

Questions & Answers

We have a wide range of different question types. You can choose from: multiple choice, fill in the blanks and 4 different image questions. You can even create questions with multiple correct answers. 

Feedback options

Set the feedback options of your quiz. Do you want your users to see the correct answers so they can learn, or not? The choice is yours.

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Gamified quiz to make learning fun

We set out to create a quiz that's fun to play. By using gamification principles we succeeded. The scoring and timing is designed to maximize playing time and engagement. People play a quiz over and over again. We believe in learning by repetition. The more often you interact with knowledge the longer it is stored in your memory.  

Ranking & Stats

See the ranking of your players and dive into the statistics of all played games. Analyze which questions are easy and which are more difficult. Download the results to Excel to do some more analyzing. 

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