What is induction training? Definition explained

What is the definition of induction training? Induction training is a term professionals in the Human Resources field use for employee training. It is a form of introduction that allows employees and new hires “learn the ropes” of their new job or position and get started easily.

What is induction training
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In the past, most people expected to stay on the same job for all their lives and retire from it. So they had all the time in the world to “learn on the job”.

In today’s modern workforce, employees change jobs many times over the course of the years, and a proper training could not only have them up and running faster, but also help them feel like they have mastered their jobs and increase talent retention. For seasonal hires, like the hospitality industry, manufacturing and sales, it’s even more paramount that the new hires get a fast-track training to help them get started quickly, and avoid errors.

Now you know the meaning of induction training, let's talk about how to improve induction training, alternatives and how our LMS can help.

How to improve induction training

Induction training can be improved by creating a systematic training experience using a Learning Management System (LMS). In an LMS, the training takes place online, with online courses and exams. Your users can take the training using the company’s devices or their own. The training materials can easily be updated and shared, saving a lot of time and company money.

Alternatives to induction training

The alternative to induction training would be having your trainees “learn on the job” which could take a long time and cost the company a lot more money. It goes without saying that training on the job for seasonal workers takes up a lot of otherwise useful company time. Utilizing induction training can speed the process up, get your new hires motivated and full of energy on their new job.

How can our LMS help?

Easy LMS was created with the goal of being a user-friendly, no hassle system that is easy to use. So if you can’t waste any more time and need to improve your induction training on employees and new hires, Easy LMS can help you achieve just that with a few clicks. You can create courses, exams, organize all your content in one place, access the results and statistics of all your users and even generate a custom certificate that is sent automatically to the users after they complete the training.

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