Proteus Eretes Cooperation

Since 2017 Easy LMS and Proteus Eretes have had a strong relationship. Together we organize workshops, internships, and events to introduce students to working life and Easy LMS. Since our collaboration, many members have joined the Easy LMS team! 

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CEO Jeroen is a former coach at Proteus. He was always involved with Proteus and eager to pass on his knowledge, and share his passion for learning and improving. That’s why we decided to start a partnership with Proteus. It enabled us to share our knowledge about working in general, useful soft skills in working life, and building a software product, while at the same time we could demonstrate why Easy LMS is so special. So, a win-win situation for both of us! At the moment, Easy LMS is all over Proteus 😉. We are known for our Knowly socks and notebooks! 

You should ask yourself if your training was good or bad. Then, you should ask yourself if you've learned something. Your bad training can provide you with the most learnings.

Jeroen, CEO Easy LMS

Upcoming events

Take a look at this year’s events we host for Proteus members!




'Bedrijvenborrel' Participant 

Some fun facts and figures

Listening workshop 

It's not included in this year's list of activities, but in the past, we've held the listening workshop on three separate occasions. Because it was such a success, we decided to do it internally at Easy LMS too. We get high praise for the workshop.

Last May, I followed the Listening workshop at Easy L.M.S. through Proteus. I am very happy that I did this workshop, and I still benefit from it every day. I became so enthusiastic, I even asked my fellow board members of S.H.C. Scoop to follow the workshop as well!

Rick Geerdink, member Proteus

Summer internship

Eight members of Proteus have followed the summer internship.

This was a really good addition to my studies!

Dennis, ex-summer intern 

The hands-on experience I gained during the internship was incredibly fulfilling!

Lucian, ex-summer intern 


We also sponsor the quadruple sculls! You can see our stickers on the boat. 


At least 50 happy feet wear the socks with our mascot