Explaining Easy LMS's secondary employment benefits

While your salary is a big deal when picking a job, let's not forget the perks that come with it. The secondary benefits can really sweeten the deal! And we believe we've put together a fantastic package. Dive into all our wonderful extras!


Work-life balance

Full compensation for short-term care leave (100% instead of 70%)

Juggling work and caring for (sick) children or family members can be overwhelming. You want to support your loved ones while fulfilling your work responsibilities. Family is important and we don't want your job to overshadow your commitments or incur costs when you choose to temporarily care for a family member. That's why we've chosen to supplement short-term care leave up to 100%. This ensures that you can provide dedicated support to those who need it the most at any given moment with peace of mind.

"It gives me a lot of peace of mind that my salary isn't reduced when my youngest is sick again. I’m happy that Easy LMS is so open-minded."

Caroline, Content Manager & HR Officer

Full compensation for additional paternity/partner leave (100% instead of 70%)

The birth of a child is a beautiful yet hectic experience. We want partners to have the opportunity to build a strong bond with their child in the initial period and adjust to the new home situation without cutting their salary. That's why we provide full compensation for additional partner leave, lasting up to 100% for five weeks.

Pension arrangements during working hours

We recognize the importance of pensions. We give people the opportunity to build up their personal pensions in the way they prefer. At this moment, we don’t provide an employer contribution for it. Our company gives you the time and space to determine what suits your situation. You can allocate an hour and a half as working time for discussions with pension providers. Additionally, we give a one-time compensation of 125 euros for pension-related costs, like a commission.

No overtime

We don't believe in working overtime

At many companies, overtime is the norm; ours is the opposite. We don't believe in working overtime. Ever. We think it disrupts our flow and masks inefficiencies in the process. Moreover, working for too long in a stretch often leads to more mistakes. With us, you simply work a maximum of 8 hours a day. Use the rest of the day to spend time with your family, pursue hobbies, and return refreshed the next day!

Personal development

Lifelong learning

Continuous learning is our top priority; it's ingrained in our DNA. We primarily learn through hands-on experiences, but sometimes you must step back and absorb new information through a workshop, course, conference, or book. At Easy LMS, we have an in-house library with many masterpieces.

We reimburse training expenses (from books to several-day courses) if you propose a valuable learning opportunity that contributes to your development and our company. Just one small condition: you need to share what you've learned!

Play week

The perfect time to zoom out and acquire new knowledge is during our play week. At the end of our nine-week cycle, we have a play week. During that week, we don't focus on our daily tasks; instead, we try to learn new stuff and experiment with new tools. So, on a yearly basis, we have five play weeks.

“We thought we were doing a pretty good job with continuous improvement at Easy LMS, but my gut feeling was that we could do better. I took a Lean Green Belt course to validate that. I was able to learn from the trainers, and share experiences with peers from different sectors. It was great to see what we were doing right, where we had room to grow, and of course bring that to life back at the office!”

Caroline, Chief Operations Officer


Lunch at the office

We're passionate about good and sustainable food, which is why we arrange lunch at the office. The cost to you is negligible, less than what you'd spend on your own sandwiches at home! Our standard lunches prioritize sustainability, featuring the healthiest ingredients sourced locally. Indulgent lunches, like 'kibbeling' once a month and regular summer barbecues, add to the vibrant culinary experience. In the summer, we often stroll to Chocolaterie de Lelie for an ice cream.


Taking care of your physical and mental well-being is essential, not only for work but also for your personal life. We're here to help! While we can't resolve health issues, we can contribute to preventing them. With us, you're entitled to:

  • A paid, non-compulsory preventive medical examination every three years, assessing your health comprehensively.
  • Monthly chair massages by Dorien, our shiatsu masseuse, prevent issues like mouse arms, neck, and back problems.
  • Reimbursement for computer glasses, up to 200 euros every three years, recognizing the strain of prolonged screen time.
  • A sit/standing desk, an ergonomic desk chair, and multiple computer screens, both at the office and at home.

"I'm very happy with the blue-light-blocking glasses that I got with Easy LMS sponsorship. Blue light exposure from screens and lights massively disrupts sleep, and now it's much less."

Joey, Back-End Software Engineer


A strong foundation is crucial, so here are secondary conditions that it’s worth noting:

  • 25 vacation days with a full-time contract, with the option to buy extra days.
  • Travel allowance up to the maximum allowed by the tax authority.
  • Work-from-home allowance up to the maximum allowed by the tax authority.
  • A hybrid working environment with a remote first policy.
  • A well-equipped home office tailored to your needs.
  • 8% holiday allowance, paid in May.

Fun Extras

We make working with us exceptionally enjoyable with these extra perks:

  • Sinterklaas, Easter, and Christmas – these holidays come with a gift and/or treat from us.
  • After five years with us, choose a significant gift and receive a shiny extra surprise. We can’t spoil what it is!
  • We celebrate your birthday with a gift of your choice.
  • An annual team outing organized by the staff themselves, ranging from curling to doing an escape room.
  • A year-end dinner to celebrate our successes.
  • A welcome ceremony and package to eagerly anticipate your arrival!
  • We regularly organize game nights (video games and/or board games) at the office!

As you can see, we love giving and always consider the human aspect. Expect our support if you're sick for an extended period or experiencing significant family events. We've randomly surprised colleagues during the pandemic with survival kits and extra days off. Whether it's extreme heat or moments of joy or sorrow, we strive to show that we're thinking of you.

"During the uncertain times of the pandemic, I think we all could use a pick-me-up. When I was asked to design a jigsaw puzzle for my colleagues, I was extremely excited about the creative challenge and the opportunity to send some positive support. I felt a sense of togetherness! Even though everyone was at their own home, we were collectively working on the same puzzle and sharing our experiences, together."

Anouk, Front-End Software Engineer