Online assessment tool: easy and intuitive

Build Assessments that give your employees insights into their personality and work skills. Learn more about them and put everyone in a position where they can shine!

Create outcome-based Assessments with different question types

Decide the desired outcome and then pick your type of Assessment. Use the Multiple categories option if the participants can fit into more than one category. For example, a personality test. Consider the Single scale option when participants can score within a specific category on a scale. It’s a great option for placement and ability level tests.

Use the online Assessment tool to compose an Assessment with different question types, create categories, and assign points! Participants will receive personalized results based on how they answered! Use visuals to reveal where they fit. Make it fun and clear!

Our behavior settings give you complete control of how your employees take the Assessment. Two popular options are expiration dates and attempt limits.

Share it in an instant and collect participant information

Make it available to your colleagues with a public URL or publish it on your website or intranet. Require them to provide their name or other specific information. Or make it free to everyone. That’s up to you!

You can also add Assessments to Courses. Mix your learning content with a personality test and increase engagement! Sharing an Assessment through a Course allows you to restrict access with the additional invitation option of the Course.

Analyze and gain insights

Our online Assessment tool provides you with all the data you need to have a complete overview. Immediately see which category your employees fit best or their skill level. You can also view all their responses. Dive deeper into the numbers and percentages with our Excel export. Get the data you want in just one click!

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