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  • How long should employee training be?

    Implementing an employee training program has a wealth of benefits, from increasing employee motivation to higher profit margins. When you consider its influence on your business, you’ll want to maximize its impact. The length of the program and learning content are significant factors that contribute to its success. So how long should employee training be? Keep reading to find out!

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  • Topics for employee training and development

    Training your employees is a rewarding and challenging task. You might even think you don’t know where to get started or that you don’t have the expertise required to set up a training. We beg to differ. You shouldn’t view picking employee training topics as difficult. We will walk you through the process.

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  • 8 popular types of employee training programs 

    Employee training enhances your employees' skills and enables them to work more efficiently. There are different types of employee training programs, however. It is essential to consider which style fits your company’s needs to make the correct decisions and get the best results.

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  • The ultimate plan to train (new) employees

    It is easy to see the advantages of an employee training and development plan. But it might not be so clear where you ought to begin and how to go about it. If your path to training new and current employees is clouded, don't go anywhere—our ultimate training plan will illuminate the way. 

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