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Employee training

With our LMS software you can easily create beautiful and engaging courses for your employees. They can complete the courses at their own pace and by using the device of their choice. You get the results in your dashboard and can track their progress. > Employee training.

Customer training

Do you have a new product or service? And you want to get your customers up to speed? Create a beautiful and engaging course to explain it all. Have the course branded in your own company colors and logo and embed it on your website or intranet. You can invite your customers by email in a few easy clicks. > Customer training.

Compliance, accreditation and certification training

Nobody likes compliance training, but once in a while everybody has to complete it. With our course builder, it gets easy for you to create a training and for your students to take the course. You can even let the system create and send a certificate if they succeed. > Compliance , accreditation & certification training.

LMS for franchise training

A franchise is, by definition, a type of business owned by an organization that sells the right to use the brand name and sell its goods to local owners. The parent corporation then aids in every aspect of the business, in return for a combination of a flat fee from the local owners, plus fees based on profits or sales. > LMS for franchise training.

Enterprise LMS

Setting up a successful business means not only ensuring things work on an organized manner when it comes to the company’s rules and procedures and how the employees are applying them, but also dealing with people and organizations outside the “four walls” of the enterprise. Those can be partners, customers and any other stakeholders. > Enterprise LMS.

LMS for small business

You own a small business or work for a small business owner and want your colleagues to get started with learning. You're looking for a hassle free, easy-to-use LMS? We provide that! > LMS for small businesses.

LMS for corporate business

Are you looking to replace your current old LMS or move all of your learning online to get all the benefits online learning provides? We know we have the solution that fits your needs. > LMS for corporate business.

LMS for schools

Now that e-learning is increasing in popularity every school needs a learning management system to facilitate this. An LMS can help your students study at their own pace and can help track the progress and report results of your students in one place. > LMS for schools.

LMS for higher education

A Learning Management System (LMS) is mainly used for corporate training. But can it be of any use at all for higher education institutions, such as universities and post-graduation programs? > LMS for higher education.

LMS for K12

K12 (spoken as "k twelve", "k through twelve", or "k to twelve") is originally an American term to describe the mandatory school years from kindergarten to the 12th grade. It comprises the school years of students aged six to eighteen approximately. Should K12 schools use an LMS? What should educators consider when choosing one? > LMS for K12.

LMS for the hospitality industry

The hospitality industry is one of the most challenging industries when it comes to the variety of careers possible. You have permanent and seasonal workers that need constant (and fast) training. You need to keep your staff happy and motivated so they keep high service standards and don’t blemish your company’s reputation. > LMS for the hospitality industry.

Healthcare learning management system

In today’s changing healthcare industry, why is a learning management system necessary? With a great number of the world’s population becoming older (and living longer), investing in healthcare is more important than ever. > Healthcare learning management system.

LMS for the real estate industry

If you own or manage a real estate agency, you know that keeping your and your team’s brokering knowledge up-to-date requires constant training. You need to be informed about the latest market trends, mortgage options, zoning laws, among other things. > LMS for the real estate industry.

LMS for the retail industry

The retail industry is known for high turnover rates and seasonal workers. Your sales force is the face of your company, and probably the only employees your clients will interact with. How can you keep them well trained and prepared to deal with costumers? > LMS for the retail industry.

LMS for the legal industry

People who work in the legal industry have to deal with a huge amount of paperwork, documents and files every day. They also need to be up to date with the current and newly approved laws and procedures. How can you keep your team updated and well trained so they can stay ahead of the competition? LMS for the legal industry.

''Overall, Easy LMS offered a way for us to increase communication and mutual involvement between our headquarters and our stores, and also between our operational employees.

They keep upgrading their software and website and are also open to suggestions. The contact we have with them is very professional, easygoing, and open, and we appreciate this.''

Tessa Wakelkamp (left) and Manouk van Veen (right), Team Educational Center at Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstore Tessa Wakelkamp (left) and Manouk van Veen (right) Team Educational Center at Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstore

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