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Regardless of the training solution you're looking for, with Easy LMS you have your users learning in no time. Just create an account and start building your courses. No install time, no lead time, just a free trial of any of our plans. So choose your plan, register and you're good to go.

Employee & Staff Training

With our LMS software you can easily create beautiful and engaging courses for your employees. They can complete the courses in their own time and using the device of their choice. You get the results in your dashboard and can track their progress. 

Learn more on employee & staff training.

Customer Education

Do you have a new product or service? And you want to get your customers up to speed? Create a beautiful and engaging course to explain it all. Have the course branded in your own company colors and embed it on your web site or intranet. You can invite your customers by e-mail in a few easy clicks.

Read more about Customer Education.

Certification & Accreditation training

Nobody likes compliance training, but once in a while everybody has to do it. With our course builder it gets easy. For you to create a training. And for your students to take the course. You can even let the system create and send a certificate if they succeed.

Learn how to get your own compliance , accreditation & certification training.

LMS for Corporate Learning

Are you looking to replace your current old LMS or moving your learning online to get all the benefits online learning provides you? We think we have the solution that fits your need. Read more about what we have to say about an LMS for corporate learning.

LMS for Small Business

You own a small business or work for a small business owner and want your colleagues to get learning. You're looking for a hassle free easy to use LMS? We provide that. Have a look at what we have to say about an LMS for small businesses.

LMS for Schools

Now that e-learning is ever increasing in popularity every school needs a learning management system to facilitate this. An LMS can help your students study on their own time and pace and can help track the progress and report results of your students in one place. Read more about what we have to say about an LMS for Schools.

Healthcare learning management system

In today’s changing healthcare industry, why is a learning management system necessary? With a great number of the world’s population getting older (and living longer), investing in healthcare is more important than ever. Read more.

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