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Many of us feel like there aren't enough hours in the day. At work as a trainer, saving time is the secret ingredient to increasing your productivity and achieving training success. Productivity is not just about the amount of work you do; It’s about spending your time wisely and creating value. You’ll likely have happier clients and greater job fulfillment. But how does this work in practice? Let me show you!

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My experience with time-saving and productivity

I would describe myself as an organized person. Writing and checking off lists soothes my mind. Until recently, I thought that that was the purpose of productivity: to achieve as much as possible in one day. My research into Cal Newport’s theory of Deep Work proved me wrong. This philosophy says that the key to growth is challenging work. In order to tap into deep work, we must remove distractions and focus for long, uninterrupted stretches on something hard.

Saving time on ‘busy work’ like answering emails and responding to internal messages has freed me up to work on projects that add value to our company. Timeboxing, in particular, enables me to keep smaller tasks under control. This provides space to dive headfirst into the challenging and often more rewarding work.

Saving time on 'busy work' has freed me up to work on projects that add value to our company.

I’m learning along the way that productivity isn’t about taking great leaps and bounds; it’s about the small steps. Each iteration adds another puzzle piece to the picture. My natural inclination is to do it all at once, relying heavily on myself rather than seeking help in the process. Attempting to break out of hard-wired patterns is a difficult but worthwhile practice.

I’m learning along the way that productivity isn’t about taking great leaps and bounds; it’s about the small steps.

Productivity facts and figures

I'm not alone in the struggle to stay on task 100% of the time. Being productive at work is no easy feat. It can be hard to make the most out of the day between frequent interruptions and repetitive tasks. Productivity facts and figures drive this point home even further. 

Employees are interrupted far more than you might think: Did you know that employees are interrupted every three minutes and five seconds on average? 

It takes surprisingly long to refocus: While frequent work interruptions might seem unimportant, it can take a whopping 23 minutes to refocus and get back on task. Imagine all that time wasted! When a task that could be easily automated takes twice as long, you’re taking time away from yourself and training for your clients.

37% of employees take regular breaks to stay productive: Taking breaks is actually a great idea! Productivity is not just about working our way through a to-do list; it’s about adding value. Giving our brains a rest allows us to return to the desk with a refreshed focus and the ability to produce higher-quality work. 

The average worker is productive for 60% or less each day: If you’re an office worker, that figure drops to two hours and 23 minutes daily! This makes it even more crucial to find the right tools and resources to allow you to put your focus where it really matters: on delivering great training to your clients.

Time-saving tips for trainers

We know that saving time helps boost productivity. How can this be applied to trainers? Follow these steps to save time where you can and focus on training:

  • Create a routine: Creating a routine will allow you to prioritize tasks and feel on top of your workday.
  • Take regular breaks: Counter to what we might think, breaks can actually boost productivity!
  • Use technology like an LMS: An LMS can provide more structure to your day-to-day and reduce your administrative workload.

Use Easy LMS to save time

The next step in your training journey is right around the corner! Easy LMS is the time-saving tool you need. Automate those pesky tasks and spend more time delivering high-quality training to your clients.

Our tool is full of features specifically designed for efficiency. Whether you need to send Course invitations in bulk or generate certificates at the click of a button, we’ve got you covered! Our LMS lightens your load and puts you in control of your training.

Check out our time-saving automated features:

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Saving time is a great way to boost your productivity. It’s important to remember that productivity is not just the act of crossing off all your items on a to-do list. At its core, productivity is about adding value and taking the time to create high-quality work you can be proud of.

It’s normal to need a little extra support to achieve your training goals. We’re only human at the end of the day! Easy LMS can guide your training journey by automating some of those repetitive tasks. This will free up more time to focus on the most fulfilling part of your job: delivering excellent training to your clients.

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