What is blended learning? Meaning explained

If you have been searching for e-learning methods and best practices, you might have heard about blended learning. Blended learning, you guessed it, combines traditional learning methods with modern ones. Let’s look at some blended learning models, techniques, and ideas for applying them to your organization. Shall we? 

Blended learning meaning
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What is blended learning?

Research papers use blended learning, hybrid learning, web-enhanced instruction, and mixed-mode instruction interchangeably. There doesn’t seem to be a consensus about the meaning of blended learning. Some experts even argue that it’s a redundant term. But the term was created to describe technology-based learning combined with traditional learning methods.

Blended learning can include synchronous or asynchronous activities

Blended learning can include synchronous or asynchronous activities. With the synchronous activities, the trainer and the participants work together at the same time. They complete the asynchronous activities in their own time.

We all know one instructor can only teach so many people at a specific time and place in a traditional training setting. The online part of the blended learning approach makes it possible to train more people at once.

Blended learning can take place in school classrooms and in professional settings.

Let’s take a look at some blended learning models:

Blended learning models

Multiple blended learning models were developed to provide organizations with different possibilities. Here are some examples:

Face-to-face driver

In this model, learners must prepare activities on their own to prepare for the face-to-face training. Examples include online courses and assignments that the learners have to complete before or after the in-person training.


In this model, learners cycle through different learning activities. Learners can either attend lectures with an instructor, work together in groups, or work on their computers. They rotate these stations throughout the day. Rotating activities make learning more fun and engaging for the people involved. But it also requires them to participate in the learning process at the same time.

Computer labs

In this method, participants work on their computers while the trainer supervises. It works well when there’s a computer lab at the office. It is also a good choice if the company prefers to keep an eye on their employees during the training.

Blended learning might be a good solution for people who are always in a hurry

Online driver

‘Busy’ is a standard answer people will give when you ask them what they are doing. Blended learning might be a good solution for people who are always in a hurry. They can learn part of it in their own time and the rest during face-to-face training. It’s even possible to watch a lecture on your computer while you eat dinner! That is not something that can happen in a traditional classroom. Motivation can be a problem in this scenario. The learners can feel more motivated if web-based learning is combined with face-to-face meetings with other participants or the instructor.

Blended learning and Easy LMS

Do you want to take the training of your organization to the 21st century? If your organization already uses traditional training techniques and methods, you may consider switching to a blended learning model. Yes, you can have the best of both worlds! Easy LMS gives you the learning technologies that are necessary to make the transition. Don’t worry. It’s very easy to use! Create fun and engaging courses and tests that can be used with all the blended learning models. Not sure about it yet? Read about the advantages and disadvantages of blended learning.

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