How to give your employees the option to retake mandatory courses and exams with Easy LMS

Our LMS resolves many challenges for companies providing compliance training to their employees. A common problem faced by trainers is that mandatory courses and exams need to be retaken. Read more about how our LMS takes this hassle away.

Common challenge

Our mandatory courses and exams require a lot of practice to pass. Is there an option to retake exams?

Our solution

We realize that in an ideal world, your participants would pass their compliance training exam the first time. That’s why our LMS doesn’t just let your participants retake the whole exam; it also allows them flexibility the first time they take it.

As an admin, you can enable one of the following settings:

  • The option to allow multiple answer attempts per question.
  • The option to allow participants to change their answers during the Exam.
  • The option to return to a tricky question.

If these options do not help the candidate pass, there’s always the option to retake the Exam and even add extra attempts for individual participants.

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