How to train multiple clients simultaneously in the most time-effective way

Our LMS resolves many challenges for consultants. A common problem they face is training multiple clients simultaneously without the burden of extra work and time. Read more about how our LMS takes this hassle away.

Common challenge

How can I simultaneously train multiple clients in the most time-effective way?

Our solution

Consider using our Academy – a personalized virtual hub where your clients' employees access all vital training materials. You can create a unique academy for each client, then match it to their brand style with customizable settings. It's highly professional and inviting, thanks to recognizable branding.

Setting up these academies takes minimal effort

Setting up these academies takes minimal effort and offers a key advantage: a centralized database for courses, exams, and assessments. This means you can effortlessly include course X in clients A, B, and C academies while reserving course Y exclusively for clients A and B. Furthermore, you can easily repurpose courses: copy a course and tweak it a bit for your different clients. This way, every customer can enjoy a training experience tailored to their unique needs.

The Academy allows for tailored training experiences while keeping data secure. Provide your customers with real-time access to their company or department’s results, allowing them to follow the progress and contribute their insights. Give them the information they are interested in. This streamlined approach ensures a smoother experience for you and your clients alike.

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