How to ensure every franchise unit automatically receives new product instructions and tests with Easy LMS

Our LMS resolves many challenges for franchises. A common problem franchises face is updating every franchise unit with new product information. Read more about how our LMS takes this hassle away.

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Common challenge

We want to give our franchise units instruction on a new product and how to sell it. How can we ensure everyone automatically receives new product instructions and tests?

Our solution

The Academy is the ideal environment for sharing your learning content. ‘In short, the Academy is a central hub for your franchise units’ floor workers to review all the necessary training material. You can put all your content in one place and share it easily by dividing your employees into groups. A group can be a franchise unit, for instance. However, you can also take it one step further by creating franchise unit groups to differentiate between line and staff functions training. After all, each department may require different training.

Notification e-mails 

Sending a notification email is straightforward

The Academy lets you send notification e-mails to specific groups. This is perfect for your challenge, updating everyone with the same information. Sending a notification email is straightforward: first, you need to go to the group you want to notify, create an email draft with a link to the new training material, and finally, send it! Sometimes, reminding your employees to complete their training is also necessary. To send them a general reminder, you can send an email to specific individuals who have not finished their training yet!

The notification feature is essential to keep your location updated with the latest information which provides timely quality for better customer satisfaction.

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