Do not show answers on the result screen of an exam

It is possible to hide the score for your users at the end of the Exam. Here's how you can do that!

When you go to the "Result Page"-tab in the menu of your Exam, you will find the option to select a layout for the final page:

When you click on this "Select a layout"-button, you will see two options for it:

The left option is selected by default: This one will show a participant their score and you can choose to also list all the questions and answers there.

The 2nd option, where it reads "Your score is {score}" gives you a chance to write any message and text to be displayed on the Result Page of the test (and include the score, or not).

To be able to edit the information shown at each of the different layouts, including the title and showing a list of all questions & answers, you need a Business Owl plan or above.

You might want to thank them for participating, congratulate them on finishing the test, inform them about your website / a service / the next step in the process. It's up to you!

As simple as that.... Enjoy! ✨

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