How do I import questions to my exam?

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In the dashboard of your account you can look up the Exam where you want to add your questions.  You might have to create one first by clicking the "+ New exam" button in the upper right corner of your screen.

Once you've selected the exam, please go to "Questions" in the dashboard of your exam, and click on the tab "Import":

Here you will find an example .csv-file that you can download. We recommend you to use this example-file to create your own import-file.

You can also download this example file here: 

Please make sure that you keep the top-row unchanged and list your questions in the rows beneath that, putting your data in the appropriate columns.

Per column, this is the information that is required:

Please enter the Questions here (one question per row)

Here you can enter the amount of points that you would like to give for this question when it's answered correctly

You can enter any of the answer-options here

Here you can enter an explanation (feedback) that can be shown after this answer was given by a user. (Please note that this is only available for Business Owl accounts and up)

If answer_x is correct you should enter a "1", if it's incorrect you should enter a "0"

Here you can enter a general explanation (feedback) for the question, which you can choose to show after a question is answered by a user.

Once you've added all the information, please save your file as a .csv-file:

Now you can go back to your Exam and go to "Questions" > "Import Questions", where you can choose your own file and click "Upload .csv".

If you are having problems saving your file in the right format, please check this article.

That's it! Your Exam should now contain all the Questions in the file & you're ready to work on your test, further 'tune' the settings & share it with your audience. :sparkles:

The process of importing questions in to a Quiz is slightly different from an Exam. Please read this article to find out how to import questions to a Quiz.

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